The Brass Harpies

Steampunk Street Entertainers

Maldon Folk Festival 2019

Music, Minstrels and Mischief!

What a truly delightful weekend we enjoyed at the Maldon Folk Festival, despite the rather Dickensian weather that descended for the weekend.  The wide and welcoming verandahs of Maldon kept us safe and dry, and the ever so friendly proprietors of Tansley and Co. graciously allowed us to use their shopfront as our morning station, whilst we busily captured the images of delightful passers-by.

We were positively overwhelmed by the talented musicians on offer, so much so that it made a challenge in choosing our next destination!  We were invited to take refuge from the rain at the Roddy Read songwriting competition, where we were witness to a steady flow of talented artists, and the delightful revelers enjoying the music.  We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to Matt Glass for taking the esteemed honours on the day, and also for looking rather dapper with gentleman’s hat and spyglass!

We were ever so delighted to have made the decision to board the Victorian Goldfields Shuttle, as it was here we were introduced to the atmospheric convict-Irish-folk of Witches Leap. Listening to their wonderful tales of an old Australia (enhanced by gin and tonics, as provided by the most hospitable Andrew) was indeed a highlight of the festival.  Our thanks also to engineer Rodney, who graciously allowed us to step into the steam engine and toot the whistle, which we did with gusto, perhaps once or twice (or even thrice!) following which we posed for some rather raucous photos with the crew.  We naturally would not have missed the wonderful Hepzibah as her alter-ego, Tracey Roberts, leading the glittering Tracey Roberts Quartet with verve and panache.  What a positively splendid set!

To all the wonderful friends we made whilst strolling the streets, what a joy to have made your acquaintance.  Special mention must go to John and Alex from Arty-Rex Duo, who lifted our spirits by filling the Sunday morning streetscape with song and harmony.  To the wonderful Barbara who, when innocently passing by was asked by Hepzibah to capture a photo or two of the Harpies (perhaps in the gutter, and perhaps with gin) graciously obliged by taking several artful pictures that were truly splendid - we cannot thank you enough!  Finally, the wonderful Peter and Renee from Maldon Vintage Machinery Museum - could there have been a more exceptional setting for our props and costumery?  Or a more delightful luncheon than a Devonshire Tea amongst the wonderful curiosities of yesteryear?  We think not!

You will find all of the wonderful images from the festival on this page -we do hope you receive as much joy from viewing them as we took in capturing them.  We also hope they prompt you to reminisce on wonderful memories made, and we look forward to seeing our new friends back again next year, for another positively splendid event.

Yours affectionately,